Key Dates on Assessment Calendar

May 1st(Taxable Status Date):  Assessments reflect the ownership and physical condition of the property as of this date.  In addition, exemption applications must be filed / postmarked by this day. 

June 1st(Tentative Assessment Roll):  Date tentative assessments are made available. This is also the date that CHANGE OF ASSESSMENT NOTICES are mailed for any property seeing a change in assessment including changes resulting from the systematic analysis, building permits, inventory discrepancies, etc.  If a property owner disagrees with the assessed value of their property, a grievance may be filed beginning this day.  

JUNE 1st
   Timeframe to file a grievance.  The Board of Assessment Review convenes on the third Tuesday in June (Grievance Day).

SEPTEMBER 15th(Final Assessment Roll):  Date on which final assessments are made available and the first day to file Small Claims Assessment Review / Certiorari petitions.  Final assessments include all changes made by the Board of Assessment Review.